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First Class and No Class

Yesterday, some of us were taking a walk down Memory Lane — just a short one, to 2008. In that election cycle, many claims were made for Obama. I didn’t buy them. I thought he was basically a Marxist grad assistant with extraordinary political skills. But a lot of people did buy the claims — enough to elect him, obviously.

One of the claims was that he had a “first-class temperament.” And I was thinking, yesterday, “That’s possibly the thing I like least about Obama — his temperament.” His big-government policies are bad enough. But the temperament? “Mitt Romney: Not one of us,” and all that? I think he’s a nasty and divisive figure.

Mitt Romney — there’s a first-class temperament, come of think of it. At least I have that impression. If he has four years in the White House, we’ll see.

I believe that Obama hates the likes of us — Reagan conservatives. I believed the same about Al Gore. I remember saying during the 2000 campaign, “I’d rather be stranded on a desert island with Bill Clinton for a year than have a brief, delicious lunch at the Four Seasons with Al Gore.” You could tell that Al Gore hated you: It was on his face and in his tongue. Joe Lieberman, I felt, did not hate you. Hillary did. Kerry did. John Edwards loved himself, mainly, I thought.

Joe Biden? I have gone back and forth on him, over the decades: Goofy, basically goodhearted Irish pol or nasty, hateful partisan? It is this last campaign that has tipped me . . .

P.S. This article is unintentionally hilarious, I think. Let me give you the essence (as I understand it): “Poor President Obama. He didn’t want to run a lowdown, dirty campaign, but circumstances forced him to. It was the only way he could win.”

Cry me a river.

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