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In a First, DSCC Goes After Crist

In a new press release, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has taken its first swipe at independent Charlie Crist:

Greer And Crist Spent Thousands Of Dollars Jet-Setting Around Country For Personal Reasons On Republican Party Of Florida’s Expense

Destinations Include New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, And Island Home Of Crist’s Wife

Charlie Crist is facing increasing heat over a new audit of the Republican Party of Florida, which showed that Crist’s handpicked party chair Jim Greer spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of party fund’s inappropriately.  According to the Orlando Sentinel, Crist and Greer spent Republican party dollars jet setting to such far off destinations as New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.  Crist even spent party money to fly to his wife’s island home.

The current chair of the Republican Party of Florida, John Thrasher, has said that Crist “had to know this [inappropriate lavish spending] was going on,” and that the party will release the audit today.  The Republican Party of Florida may go to court to get the money that was spent inappropriately back.   

“Charlie Crist may talk about fiscal restraint on the campaign trail but he cannot escape the reality of his lavish spending on the dime of the Florida Republican Party,” said DSCC National Press Secretary Deirdre Murphy.  “If Crist wants to be trusted, it is time for him to answer for his record of inappropriate spending.”

Not long ago, there were whispers in Washington that the DSCC would back Crist over billionaire Jeff Greene if the latter emerged as the Democratic nominee. Though Rep. Kendrick Meek was able to fight off Greene and take the party’s nod, the DSCC has until now focused its attention on attacking Republican Marco Rubio — perhaps hedging their bets so that, in the event of a Crist win, the cagey independent could be convinced to caucus with Senate Democrats.

That the DSCC has taken the kid gloves off as Crist’s poll numbers slide suggests they’ve written him off, and are now concerned with peeling off some of the Democrats and independents currently backing backing Crist — votes Meek will need if he is to stand any chance in November.


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