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First Empirical Evidence: Common Core Hurts Kentucky Students

The New York Times published a wonderful op-ed by Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreyfus acknowledging that Common Core is a radical experiment adopted with almost no public discussion and that it is fueling parents’ anxieties.

They also note something I did not know: Kentucky adopted Common Core in 2010, and the results was a huge drop in students test scores:

Students in Kentucky were the first to undergo the Common Core’s testing regimen; the state adopted the standards in 2010. One year later, its students’ scores fell across the board by roughly a third in reading and math. Perhaps one cannot blame the students, or the teachers — who struggle to teach to the new, behemoth test that, in some cases, surpasses their curriculums — for the drop in scores.

Jeb Bush, call your office.  


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