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First McCain-Feingold, Now This…

Tacky and tasteless Janet Jackson’s, ahem, display may have been, but the really offensive grab has been the way that certain, no, many, politicians have used a few seconds of what appeared to be a breast enclosed in Borg jewelry (credit for that fashion note to, I think, Instapundit) to remind Americans that when it comes to what may be shown on TV, Washington knows best. A House panel has now voted 49-1 to raise the maximum fine for broadcasting ‘indecent’ material from $27,500 to $500,000. Fair enough, some may think (I don’t), if the fine is to act as a realistic deterrent for today’s media conglomerates, but it’s disturbing to note that this maximum fine can also be imposed on individual performers. $500,000 to be levied on an individual? First Amendment, anyone?


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