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First One Hundred Days Coverage: 89 Percent Anti-Trump, 59 Percent Pro-Biden

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on his plan to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan at the White House, April 14, 2021. (Andrew Harnik/Pool via Reuters)

The Media Research Center is one of the few outfits that attempts to measure media bias in empirical terms, and its evaluation of TV news coverage of the first 100 days of the last two presidential administrations is telling, albeit not surprising.

The MRC, looking at ABC, CBS, and NBC News, finds that there is both much less coverage of President Joe Biden than there was of President Donald Trump in each’s first 100 days, and that the tone of the coverage has flipped almost 180 degrees. Trump earned 1,900 minutes of coverage in his first 100 days, and almost all of the coverage that consisted of “evaluative comments” was negative — 89 percent. By contrast, Biden has drawn only 700 minutes of coverage, and the editorializing was 59 percent positive. “These much lower numbers signify a news media that’s not trying to drown out the White House with its own aggressive criticism, as was their standard practice in 2017,” MRC noted.

Guess how much time the networks spent discussing the breathtaking levels of debt we are taking on, to such a degree that the deficit for the last six months reached $1.7 trillion and we just ran a monthly deficit, in March, of $660 billion? According to MRC, the answer is: 29 seconds.


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