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First Radio Free Kudlow of 2013!

Larry and his gang get their syndicated blaze on tomorrow, as they do every Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Eastern time). Listen up America: Joining Larry will be Senator Ron Johnson, NR Washington editor Bob Costa, Bob Doll, Tim Carney, Cliff Kincaid, Tamar Jacoby, Rich Clarida, David Malpass, James Pethokoukis, John McIntyre, and Steve Moore, all there to discuss the day’s top issues. That includes the fiscal-cliff deal, whether the debt-ceiling fight will turn ugly (and lead to a government shutdown), whether America is now going to see a new and tougher John Boehner, the deal between Al Gore and Arab-owned Al Jazeera TV, Obama’s immigration reform, the big week for stocks, the weak week for jobs, and much more. And oh yeah: Larry’s got an interview with newly minted senator Ted Cruz! Check it out via your local station, or on the Web, right here.


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