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First Response

Kerry’s immediate reaction: he was being interviewed by a Milwaukee reporter:

The story broke as WISN 12 News anchor Kathy Mykleby was waiting for a previously scheduled satellite interview with Kerry, who was in Florida.

“I find myself in the unexpected position of giving you breaking news at this moment because I don’t know if you’re aware of the Al-Jazeera tape that has just aired with Osama bin Laden admitting to the 9-11 attacks for the first time. What is your reaction?” Mykleby asked.

“My reaction is that all of us in this country are completely united. Democrat, Republican, there’s no such thing. There’s just Americans, and we are united in hunting down and capturing or killing those who conducted behind that raid. We always knew it was Osama bin Laden,” Kerry said.

“What do you think impact this videotape might have on our election?” Mykleby asked.

“I don’t think any — I think Americans understand we are living in a dangerous age. I am in a position to wage a better war on terror than George Bush,” Kerry answered.

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