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First Sighting of a New Acronym?

“For the remainder of this article we will use BHNs to refer to Blacks,

Hispanics/Latinos, and Native Americans, and the term underrepresentation

(unless otherwise described) will be used only to refer to the

underrepresentation of BHNs in earning doctorates in the mathematical


—–Doctorate Degrees in Mathematics Earned by Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos

and Native Americans: A Look at the Numbers” by Herbert A. Medina, in the

August 2004 “Notices of the American Mathematical Society.”

I can’t resist the wish that some college campus somewhere would stage a

softball game between the BHNs and the GLBTQs.

The August ‘04 AMS “Notices” is (are?) even more of a PC-fest than usual.

If you have access to it/them — you need to be an AMS member for online

access, but any decent library should stock it — read Daniel Ullman’s

review of Steve Olson’s book COUNTDOWN, “the story of the six American

competitors in the 2001 International Mathematical Olympiad.” Try counting

the non sequiturs in the paragraph beginning “In the chapter on talent…”

(Clue to what’s going on here: the six members of the USA 2001 IMO team

were Tiankai Liu, Ian Le, David Shin, Oaz Nir, Reid Barton, and Gabriel



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