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The First Thanksgiving Was After a Catholic Mass and a …

Te Deum in St. Augustine, Florida. So I have heard, and so I have seen on a Florida news story lost somewhere in my files. If anybody has further information, please post it here at

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This is not a complaint. It is understandable that most historians see the American experiment from Boston westwards and southwards, rather than from earlier settlements in Florida, Alaska, and California…Many distinctively American ideas have a Bostonian imprint, and if not Bostonian, Virginian or Pennsylvanian…But giving thanks to God and joining community with the “Indians” and celebrating with a feast rather than only a fast are, if anything, even more Catholic in reflex and sensibility than Puritan… For better or worse, Catholics tend to be a partying people. More information on the First Thanksgiving in Florida would be much appreciated….


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