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Fit to Burst

The debate over Giscard D’Estaing’s EU ‘constitution’ rumbles on in the UK. The final form that the constitution will take is unclear. All that is certain is that it will be undemocratic, corporatist, and profoundly bureaucratic – the politics of Vichy on a continent-wide scale. Over at Airstrip One (in a post entitled So Far and No Further) blogger Philip Chaston believes that this ‘vile steaming pile of ordure’ (so, Philip, what do you really think about it?) may be enough to bring the EU’s existing highly centralized structure crashing down. I suspect that’s too optimistic, but Chaston’s analogy is too good not to pass on:

“Giscard D’Estaing is the maitre d’ imploring “And, finally sir, a wafer thin clause” with the EU as Mr Creosote, fit to burst!”

Ha ha ha ha. Brilliant.


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