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Five Stars For Fatuous Fakery!

Jonah, the problem with a conservative seeing this movie is sitting through the ridiculous claims — deeply weird claims — coming from the first few minutes, where Moore suggests Bush had accomplished nothing in his first eight months — what, no tax cut? And “he couldn’t get his judges appointed”? It’s true that Democrats have obstructed a lot (especially on the circuit courts), but how would the moviegoer feel about Moore’s take after looking at this?

Conservative critics could seriously write a 200-page book chronicling the second-by-second howlers in this film. But anyone who can’t resist the urge to build the box-office receipts (sorry, work related) should hone in on the last two minutes or so, when Moore claims the Bushies went to war not to defeat terror, but to keep the poor in their place in this “hierarchical society.” Oh, and see if you hear the words “Saddam Hussein” in the film. I don’t think they’re in there.

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