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Five Weeks Is a Long Time

An e-mail:

Oh K-Lo, cheer up.  All is not lost.  The Rep in FL-16 is not really that far behind(amazingly so) to start so even that seat may be saved.  Also I think there is enough of an “[i]ck” factor so that the average voter will not really want to hear the endless detail and repetition of all the horrible stuff.  The distasteful and over the top media hype, the inevitable push back by the House leadership(“We were duped like several media outlets”), and independent GOP types(like Shays) able to demonstrate their independence by criticizing the leadership leave some hope of stemming the damage. Interesting in a very nonscientific sample of moderate and liberal types in super media saturated Northern VA the main reaction was: he’s a creep and I don’t want to hear about it any more. That said, I think this will lead to a much needed GOP shake up regardless of the election outcome.  But please no more down in the dumps- be happy- all us Jews are back! Love the Corner…


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