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I am being bombarded again by those pointing out that gender is determined at conception by the XX-XY chromosome miracle. However, it is not until six weeks that the fetus expresses gender. It’s been a pleasure doing business with all of you, but really, I have to get off this train now. I’ve logged over 75 e-mails already this afternoon, and I can’t answer or even contemplate any more.

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NATO’s Challenge Is Germany, Not America

During the recent NATO summit meeting, a rumbustious Donald Trump tore off a thin scab of niceties to reveal a deep and old NATO wound — one that has predated Trump by nearly 30 years and goes back to the end of the Cold War. In an era when the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact are now ancient history, ... Read More
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The President’s Do-Over

I agree with Jonah on all counts: On net, President Trump’s do-over of his Helsinki remarks is a good thing; regrettably, it is not sincere; and while I hope the revised version is the one he sticks to, I don’t have confidence that will be the case -- as posited in my column Tuesday on the folly of having the ... Read More