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Fla. Bill Banning Suspension for Gun-Shaped Pop-Tarts Moves Forward

Students in Florida are one step closer to being able to freely make gun symbols out of pastries and their fingers without retribution. After several instances across the country of schools disciplining children for playfully recreating guns with innocuous objects, a Florida bill barring any punishment advanced past a House panel this week.

The Republican-introduced “Pop-Tart Bill,” named after a Maryland eight-year-old who was suspended for biting his snack into the shape of a gun, unanimously passed the K–12 subcommittee with bipartisan support. “This is addressing a zero-tolerance policy that often will not allow people to use common sense because their hands are tied,” one Democratic lawmaker explained.

Students would also not be punished for wearing clothing featuring guns or supporting the Second Amendment under the bill. Lawmakers in Maryland and Oklahoma have introduced similar legislation.

Via USA Today.

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