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An angry reader:

“Hi there–I wanted to know if you or any of your ‘conservative’ peers at

NRO cares a whit about the ongoing assault on the Second Amendment and in

particular the vote today to renew the 1994 ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ that is

due to sunset this year if no new legislation is enacted.

“Is it all about John Kerry and gay marriage with you people? Do any of you

even own a gun or have an opinion on why the Second Amendment exists?

“Do any of you care?

“I would really like to see some mention of this in The Corner, because

frankly, I’m starting to suspect that you guys are ‘big city conservatives’

who wouldn’t really mind a renewal of the AWB or any other ‘reasonable gun


“Sorry for all the ’scare quotes.’

“[Name] Pittsburgh”

Can you field this one, Jonah? I’m just heading out for a facial.


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