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The Meaning of a Flag

In my “Prague Journal” today, I have an item about a ceremony or rally I came across: to mark the end of World War II. It was largely a Communist rally, replete with hammers and sickles and red stars. But there was a symbol I did not recognize: an orange and black striped flag. Several people were waving them.

My colleague Mike Potemra has identified the flag: the flag of the ribbon of Saint George. I will quote to you from the relevant Wikipedia entry:

… a widely recognized military symbol in Russia. …

During Soviet times, the ribbon held no public significance. The symbol was revived in Russia in 2005 as a response to the pro-democratic Orange Revolution in Ukraine. …

In Ukraine and the Baltic states …, the symbol has become widely associated with Russian nationalist and separatist sentiment.

There go the beaux esprits again, se rencontrent-ing their butts off.


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