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“Flirting With Disaster”

John Fund on the Mississippi race:

How [Childers] won that victory should be as worrisome to Republicans as the size of it. The Republican vote didn’t collapse everywhere. In DeSoto County, Mr. Davis won 75% of the vote. But in the rural counties that make up over 80% of the district, Mr. Childers cleaned up.

Take Lee County, which was named after Robert E. Lee and contains the city of Tupelo, where Elvis Presley was born. Although the county is one-quarter black, Mr. Bush won 66% of the overall vote in 2004, which meant the GOP had overwhelming support from white voters. In this week’s special election, only 42% of the county went Republican. Among the causes cited by local analysts were a dispirited conservative base angry over the record of the last GOP Congress, anger over high gas prices and frustration with the conduct of the war in Iraq.


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