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Florida Abortion Clinics Offer $100 Coupon

An abortion clinic in Orlando, Fla. is offering a $100 discount on abortions according to a new YouTube ad.

The advertisement, embedded below, consists primarily of stock photos of women, and occasionally shows a web address. The address points to a coupon promising savings of $50 “on Sundays only.” The ad, however, promises $100 in savings. According to a lady I spoke to at the front desk of the EPOC Clinic, the ad is legitimate and workers have been instructed to accept the coupon for a $100 discount.

A defensive explanation of the coupon accompanies the video on YouTube. It explains that the coupon is usable by all women seeking an abortion in the first trimester, not just the “poor or indigent,” and invites readers to learn about the clinic’s “Abortion Pill Procedures.”

Another video uploaded on the same day (also embedded below) is extremely similar, including the URL for the coupon and the defensive description of the video. According to the video’s description, if the Women’s Center claimed to help women in “one of the most difficult times in their lives” and did not offer a coupon, it would be “hypocritical, dishonest, decadent, immoral, wrong and irresponsible.”

The Women’s Center, which consists of five different abortion clinics, was founded by Dr. James Pendergraft, an abortionist who has seen considerable legal troubles. He has lost his medical license five times and in June, the Orlando Abortion Clinic had its equipment seized as part of a debt collection on an unpaid $36 million medical malpractice judgment against him.

Via LifeNews.


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