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Florida Appears to Be Center of Gravity in Pipe-Bombs Investigation

A member of the New York Police Department bomb squad is pictured outside the Time Warner Center in the Manhattan borough of New York City after a suspicious package was found inside the CNN Headquarters in New York, U.S., October 24, 2018. (REUTERS/Kevin Coombs )

The New York Times reports that two more pipe-bomb packages have been discovered: one sent to Obama-administration national intelligence director James Clapper, and a second addressed to Senator Cory Booker. This brings the total found up to twelve. You can bet there will be more.

The package to former director Clapper was addressed to him at CNN’s offices. Clapper is now a CNN contributor. As we’ve previously noted, another bomb package was sent to CNN for former Obama CIA director John Brennan, though Brennan actually works for MSNBC. The Clapper package was apparently mailed: The Times says it was recovered at a postal facility in midtown Manhattan.

The most intriguing part of the report is that the Booker package “was found in Florida, the F.B.I. said.” Booker, of course, is a New Jersey Democrat. While we don’t know all the facts, it is reasonable to surmise that if the package was found in Florida, that’s because it was sent from Florida. There were some reports yesterday that Florida was an area of intense law-enforcement interest in the investigation. Hopefully, the feds and other police are closing in on the target.

Update: There are reports, including one from Fox News, that a suspect has been arrested in Florida in connection with the pipe bombs. Law-enforcement sources indicate that a number of the packages containing these devices went through a U.S. postal facility in Opa-locka, Fla., which maintains an imaging system by which mail is examined. This has apparently helped investigators locate some of the packages.

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