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Florida Debates Open Carry

In spite of the Democratic party’s newfound enthusiasm for national gun control legislation, the liberalization push continues apace in the states. Per the Suwannee Democrat:

Local reaction is mixed regarding a proposed legislative bill that would allow the open carry of firearms in Florida.  

State Rep. Matt Gaetz, R- Fort Walton Beach, has introduced a bill in the Florida House that would allow those with concealed carry permits to also carry firearms openly. The bill has seen early support, passing the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee with an 8-4 vote earlier this month. 

Crazy, right? A new frontier? An invitation to open warfare?


Florida is one of only five states banning open carry. 

As a matter of personal taste, I’m not thrilled by open carry, especially when it is used to provoke those who are uncomfortable with firearms. As a legal matter, however, I’m in favor. Each and every time a new states adopts this change, we hear it suggested that it its people are but a few mistakes away from the OK Corral. That never happens. If Florida becomes the 46th state, it isn’t going to happen there either. 


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