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That Florida Kid

This reader speaks for a mere 98% of the readers responding to that video:

Jonah,   As a conservative who has been arrested for conscience, I believe this guy in FL was nothing more than a great big p***y who thinks the rules do not apply to him.    Back in the early nineties, I was arrested several times with Operation Rescue.  When we did what we did, we knew that we would likely be arrested,  many times fined, and in some cases have to do a little jail time.  We accepted the fact that we were breaking the law & we had to face the consequences, even if we felt we were obeying a higher law.  I have had steel cut off of my body with sparks flying,  been dragged, dropped, strangled, and thrown by “unsympathetic” policemen,  as well as being maced (more like sprayed like a cockroach) by an angry clinic nurse for sitting in front of a door.  My face burned for hours after that last one, and I still never screamed like that left wing sissy.  What a colossal wimp.

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