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Flying Monkeys Party Report

Well, despite a grievous Yankees

loss, last night’s NRO throwdown at Trinity Hall here in Dallas went pretty

well. We had a nice turnout, and more or less commandeered the patio at

Trinity Hall, an Irish pub here in Dallas. You couldn’t have asked for

colder beer, better weather, or more splendid company. I got to visit with

most everybody, however briefly, and was pleased to discover that so many

folks thought it was a great idea to have conservative meet-and-greets like

this. One guy, an Air Force reservist named Bill Brant, talked about how he

used to keep up with The Corner faithfully this past summer while posted to

Pakistan. I can imagine reading Derb whilst residing in subcontinental

climes would make one feel positively Kiplingesque. Someone else, a longtime

NR subscriber, talked about how back in the 1970s, NR put out a little book

containing the “Sayings of Chairman Bill.” Take that, Mao! Wouldn’t it be

cool to release an updated version? We had folks drive in from all over,

even a judge from way down in Austin. Someone has a sister who makes

T-shirts for a living, and so we’re looking into the feasibility of

designing a T-shirt for us merry band of Texan NRO-niks. Much was made at

one table of Rich’s love of speaking to Texas audiences, so we’re going to

try to coax him this way soon. Oh, two more items: at one end of the patio

sat a woman who sneered, “National Review, isn’t that a Republican

magazine?” I offered her a subscription card. At the other end was an older

woman with a long braid down her back, a Little House on the Prairie-style

dress, and a long-stemmed pipe in her mouth. Regrettably, she wasn’t part of

our group.


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