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In today’s Impromptus, I have a note on Canada and its “heritage of freedom.” (I am quoting a government video, which quotes some words that a prime minister spoke, when introducing the nation’s bill of rights in 1960.) Readers have written in to say, “Theory is different from practice, of course.” They point to a case decided by the supreme court last week: 6-0 against a guy whose pamphlets were judged “hate speech.”

To read a news article about the matter, go here. To read a column by the superb Ezra Levant, go here.

Incidentally, there are nine judges on the Canadian supreme court, same as on ours. Why that particular ruling was 6-0, I can’t tell you. More knowledgeable heads can, surely.

Toward the end of my column, I have a note on Dale Robertson, the actor familiar from westerns, both on the big screen and on the small. (Well, I guess iPhones and such are the small screens now.) He died last week. A reader says,

“Be aware that he was an active and involved conservative. . . . Robertson was an occasional guest at various GOP fundraising events here in Oklahoma and was well known locally as a rather humble guy who saw himself as more of a rancher than a former Hollywood star.”

Finally, I just want to note that today, March 4, is the former presidential-inauguration day. Presidents were sworn in on this day all the way up to Roosevelt (FDR, I mean). Since then, we have been doing it on January 20.

Just think: If we were still doing it on March 4, Barack Obama would have a full four years left to go, instead of merely four years minus six weeks. Keep hope alive.


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