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Follow-up on the Virginia 11th

In a closely watched Republican primary in Virginia’s 11th Congressional District, Keith Fimian has defeated Pat Herrity by a 56–44 margin, with a 7.7 percent turnout among active voters: Fimian garnered 20,072 votes, Herrity 15,813. This means that Fimian will challenge Rep. Gerry Connolly in November.

On its campaign website, Team Fimian praises Herrity for his efforts in the race and quickly turns to Connolly’s record:

“Two years ago I said Gerry Connolly would spend recklessly and do nothing to improve the economy. Sadly I was right. Connolly has gone on a spending spree and has utterly ignored our economy,” Fimian said.  “Voters will see a contrast with a businessman who knows how to create jobs and reduce spending versus a career politician who is a rubber stamp for out of control government.”

Congratulations to Fimian. While Herrity may have won endorsements for having more ties to the community, Fimian’s reputation as a dynamic campaigner appears to have paid off. November is a long way away, but Fimian is definitely on the right track for victory.

Jesse Naiman is a Collegiate Network intern at National Review.


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