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Folly at the Ziegfeld

John Fund has an excellent article on the agita the new Walden movie, Won’t Back Down, is causing for teachers unions. While it opens nationwide this Friday, the film had its splashy NYC premier Sunday at the Ziegfeld Cinema on West 54th Street. On hand were union protestors and affiliated parent groups to condemn the film (video here).

I can’t help but notice: If these bellyachers wanted a real reason to protest (other than fighting to keep kids victimized by bad public education), they could have followed the scent of sulfur, walked a few yards to the other side of Sixth Avenue, and found themselves in front of the Warwick Hotel, where Iranian thug Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is bunking for a few nights while he performs his shtick at the U.N. Now that is a real protest target — the man behind the executions of Christians and gays, the Holocaust-denying, the vows to terminate Israel, the suppression of Iranian reformists, and so much else that is deplorable — but instead the group preferred to vent its fury on a movie that celebrates the democratic process. Is it too hard to picture Ahmadinejad looking out the window of his suite and chuckling at the folly outside the Ziegfeld?


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