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Fonte of Wisdom

I’ve argued that it would be both ungrateful and counterproductive for conservatives concerned about uncontrolled immigration to sit out this election. (See “Immigration Politics“)  But you don’t have to listen to me. After all, I’ve been open to a compromise on this issue, even if one leaning heavily toward the view of the House. Listen instead to John Fonte. Fonte was the organizer of an open letter, signed by numerous prominent conservatives, opposing the senate plan and backing the House Republicans. Here’s a copy of Fonte’s letter, along with the signatories. No one has done more than John Fonte to stop the senate’s “comprehensive”immigration reform plan. And today on NRO, in a piece called, “Immigration is No Joke,” Fonte calls on conservatives to support the Republican senators and congressmen who made this victory possible. Before you decide to stay home, read Fonte’s piece.


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