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I know I have to wait for Stan to settle the issue, but I do think this story is pretty interesting. It turns out that Gay Pride parades are under increasing pressure to become more family-friendly. Personally, I’m far more troubled by gay adoption than I am by same-sex unions and why the gay marriage issue is more controversial than gay adoption is beyond me. According to the census 32% of same-sex couples have children!

Anyway, I don’t trust the celebratory tone of the article nor the statistics from these gay groups. And this article does not a winning argument make. But it does seem to work against the notion that gay marriage is inherently and singularly destructive to notions of normalcy in some important ways. I thought this was pretty interesting:

John Kirkley, 36, an Episcopal priest in San Francisco, says that after he and his partner adopted a son almost five years ago, straight couples, rather than other gay men, became the foundation of their social network.

“We had a lot more in common with straight parents than single gay or lesbian folks in terms of understanding the joys and challenges of parenting, understanding we can’t be as flexible with our schedule,” he said. “Some gay and lesbian folks of a certain age had lived in an all-adult world for so long they weren’t really comfortable relating to children.”


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