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Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me Incessantly…..

So over the last few days news reports confirm that the White House, to no one’s surprise, is pulling the strings on the Gang of Eight bill.

In his weekly radio remarks, President Obama claimed, among other things, that the 1,000+page Gang of Eight bill  “would reduce our deficits by almost a trillion dollars over the next two decades. And it will boost our economy by more than 5 percent. . . .”

In considering the president’s claims, recall what the administration asserted in order to get similarly massive pieces of legislation rammed through congress before anyone could find out what was in them.

For example, regarding Obamacare the president declared: “You’ll be able to keep your doctor. Period. You’ll be able to keep your health plan. Period.”

Regarding the nearly trillion-dollar stimulus, White House advisers said that the unemployment rate today would be 5 percent.

To Republicans who support the Gang of Eight bill: Do you truly believe the wonderful claims being made about the bill? If so, will you please join my Thursday-night poker games?


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