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Forced Reeducation for MDs Who Don’t Want to Kill

Earlier today I posted a comment about a bioethics “Consensus Statement” published by Oxford University that advocated eviscerating medical conscience rights of doctors with religious or moral objections to procedures such as abortion and euthanasia.

Looking more closely at the authoritarian document, I see that the bioethicists would require dissenting doctors to perform community service for their thought crime and go to reeducation classes about the harm their beliefs cause.

From the “Consensus Statement” (my emphasis):

Healthcare practitioners who are exempted from performing certain medical procedures on conscientious grounds should be required to compensate society and the health system for their failure to fulfill their professional obligations by providing public-benefitting services.

Medical students should not be exempted from learning how to perform basic medical procedures they consider to be morally wrong. Even if they become conscientious objectors, they will still be required to perform the procedure to which they object in emergency situations or when referral is not possible or poses too great a burden on patients or on the healthcare system…

Healthcare practitioners should also be educated to reflect on the influence of cognitive bias in their objections.

Bottom line: Refuse to commit or be complicit in what your religion considers a terrible sin, or your conscience believes to be a terrible wrong, and you will be made to pay! If you are pro-life and want to become an MD, forget about it: You are not welcome in the healthcare professions.



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