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Foreign Connections Sought in Times Square Plot

A senior Obama administration official has reportedly told ABC News that there are “several” individuals believed to be connected with the bombing attempt, and that at least one of them is a Pakistani-American.

The official said that the investigation is “moving very fast because they left behind a treasure trove of evidence in the unexploded car.”

Another U.S. official told the Washington Post that preliminary investigation pointed toward a “foreign nexus.”

“They’re looking at some tell-tale signs and they’re saying it’s pointing in that direction,” the official said.

Investigators have contacted the registered owner of the Nissan SUV used in the bombing attempt, a Connecticut man who reported selling the vehicle for $1,300 cash on Craigslist, to an “Arabic or Latino looking man” in his 20s or 30s. The vehicle’s license plates, which did not match its registration, were apparently stolen from a Connecticut auto repair shop.

Police are still looking for two men caught on surveillance video near the SUV at the time of the blundered detonation. One, who has been described as a balding, white male roughly in his 40s, was recorded changing his shirt and walking away from the vehicle as it begins to smoke. A potential second suspect was videotaped by a tourist running away from the SUV.


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