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Foreign Policy Intrudes

Well, so much for the idea that either campaign can keep foreign policy at bay. The Obama campaign has wanted foreign policy to mean nothing more and nothing less than “I killed bin Laden” and “the Iraq War is over.” The Romney campaign has acted like even that was too much foreign policy — a distraction from the economy. Well, in just a day or two, Israel and the U.S. find themselves in a confusing and disturbing diplomatic row, our embassy has been attacked in Egypt by hordes of bin Laden fans, and our ambassador to Libya has been killed. As awful and troubling as these developments are, there’s still something a bit reassuring about the fact that the world can intrude on such a small-ball election. “Events, my dear boy, events,” Harold MacMillan famously replied when asked what really drove politics and threatened governments. Well, the events are on the march, it seems.


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