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Is Foreign Travel Next Up for Palin?

Sarah Palin is planning to do some foreign travel in 2011, writes The Daily Beast reporter Shushannah Walshe. From the piece:

The Daily Beast has learned that Sarah Palin will be traveling overseas in the new year. At the top of the list: Israel and England, both countries she has said she wanted to travel to in the past. The schedule and itinerary is still fluid, but an overseas trip in 2011 will boost her foreign policy credentials, something she can turn to in a potential 2012 presidential run.

Palin aide Rebecca Mansour tweeted to Walshe: “How do you claim ‘exclusive’ knowledge of anything when you’ve got nothing but conjecture? You call this journalism?”

Mansour did not immediately respond to a request from NRO asking if her tweet was meant to deny that Palin was planning to travel abroad soon.

UPDATE: Now CNN is reporting that Palin will go to Haiti this weekend:

CNN has learned that the former Alaska governor will be traveling to Haiti this weekend with Franklin Graham and his relief organization Samaritan’s Purse.

They will be visiting a cholera clinic, among other stops.

UPDATE II: Mansour e-mails that “the governor has no firm plans that she will announce right now for an Israel or UK trip,” but confirms the Haiti trip. 

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