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Forgive the Mormon, Not the Catholic

In response to my interview with Bill Simon on Giuliani, a reader writes:

I have to comment on Bill Simon’s quote in your article today, saying conservative Catholics can support Rudy even in light of his position on abortion because Catholics believe in forgiveness.  Yes, it is true that Catholics believe in forgiveness, but one of the requirements of forgiveness is repentance and conversion of heart.  Rudy still clings to his positions on these issues that are strictly against Church teaching.  He has not shown any repentance or conversion, so it would be a lie for me to say I can overlook his stands on the critical issue of our time because of Christian forgiveness. Remember, Jesus said to the adultress, “I forgive you, but go and sin no more”.   Mitt Romney, on the otherhand, has said he has had a change of heart.  His situation is in the one where forgiveness is truly applicable.  I would support Mitt over Rudy in a two-way race.  I still don’t agree with Mitt’s position that abortion is okay in cases of rape or incest, but at least I feel he is trying to understand the issue and move in the right direction.

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