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Former Huck Adviser: ‘Sense Around Little Rock’ That He Won’t Run

Arkansas State Rep. David Sanders, a former Huckabee political adviser, tells NRO that “in and around Little Rock, the sense is that Governor Huckabee will not run for president.”

“He knows that he is popular but that he would not be the favorite to win,” Sanders observes. Huckabee, he notes, not only enjoys working for Fox News, but also relishes being a commentator for ABC Radio Networks, in the slot once held by the late Paul Harvey.

“If Huckabee got into the race, he would be treated like the frontrunner,” Sanders says. “Yet he was never the frontrunner in 2008; he never got the hard media scrutiny that often comes with running for president. He was more of a media darling, in many circumstances, since he engaged a policy matrix that was unusual for a conservative Republican, from his cap-and-trade position to his big fights with the Wall Street Journal editorial page and, from time to time, with National Review.”

“People forget about his nontraditional path last time,” Sanders says. “The expectations now would be somewhat higher. Now that he has moved his residency to Florida, and does the weekend television show and the radio work, it makes things different. Plus, he is building a three-story house on the beach, escaping the Arkansas tax code.”

Would Huck consider being veep? “I don’t know if Sarah Palin was interested last time, but she was asked and accepted,” Sanders guesses. “I don’t think he is looking for that, but like most people, if you get that call, it would be hard to turn down.”


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