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Former SEAL Team Six Member on Brian Williams’s Claims: ‘None of It Can Be True’

Permitting a reporter like Brian Williams to be embedded with SEAL Team Six is “the last thing in the world we would want,” says a former member of the elite squad.

Among a series of dubious claims made by the suspended NBC Nightly News anchor is a story from Williams that he was embedded with SEAL Team Six during his coverage of the Iraq War; he also told a story that he received a part of the fuselage of the helicopter that crash-landed in the Osama bin Laden raid that was anonymously sent to him by a member of the squad.

“It’s unheard of for what Brian Williams is saying — none of it can be true,” said Don Mann, the former SEAL Team Six member. “For a reporter to be embedded with SEAL Team Six or any Team One unit, that just doesn’t happen.”

Mann explained that SEAL Team Six goes to great lengths to conceal its tactics, equipment, strategy, and members’ identity.

Furthermore, Williams’s claim that he was sent a part of the downed helicopter is unfathomable, he said. In the midst of a very carefully orchestrated operation filled with countless risks, Mann said a member would have had to deliberately go out of his way to grab a piece of the aircraft — which was destroyed by a thermite grenade to prevent any intelligence-gathering from potential enemies — to send it to Williams as a gift.

“There’s no way in the world that would happen,” he said. “It would be criminal.”

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