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Fourteen Things that Caught My Eye Today: Faith in the Time of Coronavirus (March 17, 2020)

I was talking with a priest friend today whose heart’s desire right now is to make sure people know that the Church is there for them. Masses may have been closed to the public in many places, but priests are still celebrating Mass, many of them livestreaming them, many more not. Silent prayer in so many corners. We must praise God, even as we ask for his protection and consolation and healing. That this is happening during the season of Lent for many Christians, can’t be lost. Offer the sacrifices for miracles! Ask boldly for them. I heard a Sister of Life a few days ago insist to God that the virus be vanquished. We believers should probably pray boldly like that! He has His reasons for allowing this, but all is not lost. Have confidence in that. God is near to us in this. And pray for those who are sick and those who are caring for them know that most.

1. Some spiritual resources

Some places for online Mass: St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Catholic Information Center

Word on Fire

How, and why, to watch Mass online during coronavirus

2. Pope Francis has written:

The government has the duty to guarantee care and material sustenance for the people but we have the duty to do the same for their souls. May it never be said: “I’m never going back to a church where no one came to find me when I needed help.”

3. As coronavirus spreads, so does pope’s ‘virtual parish’

My inbox if full of Catholic resources, for obvious reasons. Send me what you’re seeing from other faiths and other resources at

4. Here’s part one of a Rick Warren podcast on Walking without Fear through the Valley of Virus

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4. Catholic nursing homes respond to coronavirus restrictions

5. We must ‘pour out our hearts in prayer’ amid pandemic, archbishop says


7. Pondering the Pandemic

8. An Abundance of Caution

9. Despite coronavirus, in Italy communion is stronger than quarantine

10. We Need Social Solidarity, Not Just Social Distancing

11. We’re All Homeschoolers Now

12. Sing in the Darkness

13. Amazon Deprioritizes Book Sales Amid Coronavirus Crisis

13. Five Hard Truths That Will Set You Free




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