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From last night’s Special Report with Brit Hume :

On Hillary

MORT KONDRACKE: [I]f she spends as much time in Iowa . . . as she did in . . . upstate New York, she can win upstate Iowa’s hearts and minds, as well.

[T]here’s a certain charisma to her. She’s a former first lady, she’s a front-runner in the party. She’s got a lot of energy and all that.

FRED BARNES: Let’s not confuse the words resume and charisma. Well, they’re completely different things. Look, politicians — one of the most important things is being likable. You know, people tend to vote for people they like, not always, but at least at the margin it helps. But of course, you missed something there, Mort, that was the most important thing that happened there, the most telling thing that happened there about that joke. Look, and this is going to badger her in her entire campaign and in a general election and that’s her marriage with Bill Clinton and the whole psychodrama that is involved there. Now, if you think jokes about that help her get elected, I think you are entirely wrong. This is not what people want to see in a president, somebody, man or woman, that’s going to drag the country through that stuff.

On the Senate and the Surge

KONDRACKE: The way it is likely to come along is that there will be several resolutions that are voted on and each one — and maybe none will get 60. Warner’s pretty close to 60.

HUME: So, you’ll get a headline that says, “The majority of Senate opposes Bush on Iraq?”

LIASSON: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. There will be a strong show of opposition. However, as Fred said, there are now a lot of places for Republicans to park themselves. If there was only one place, that would have been bad, but this is what happens in the Senate and interestingly enough, John Warner did not agree to negotiate with Biden and Levin to kind of meld his resolution. He was going to stand alone. This is going to be, actually, sounds like a real debate.

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