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From last night’s Special Report with Brit Hume:

On the Libby Trial

MORT KONDRACKE: Look, what strikes me is that there was intense activity in the vice president’s office over this op-ed piece by Joseph Wilson [that] tried to debunk the story that Saddam Hussein was looking for uranium. And there were any number of conversations that Libby had . . . [that] involved Valerie Plame’s name — all of which Libby couldn’t remember. . . . [I have many conversations every day as a reporter] and the ones I remember are the ones were there is great intensity around them or things that or memorable. Now, in this case, this is the prosecution’s — that he could not have forgotten that he had various other conversations.

FRED BARNES: [T]here have been any number of other witnesses who have had very, very fuzzy memories. . . . Just this week, we had an FBI agent, Debra Bond, come back and say well, she had mis-testified the week before . . . or a phone call with Libby that [Judith Miller] remembered that she didn’t remember, now she has remembered, so there are a lot of faulty memories, and that is, I think, the core of the defense case. Look at all these other people, they couldn’t remember correctly, either. And why would you expect scooter Libby to?

BRIAN WILSON: [M]aybe it’s my dancing age or maybe it’s just the fact that we, in this business, get so overwhelmed at times — events tend to blur for together for me, and I have a hard time remembering which of the five conversations I had from somebody when something was said.

On Hillary’s Chances

BARNES: You know, Democrats have a history of, you know, picking somebody in the back of the pack who’s far from being the frontrunner and then nominating that person, whether George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, even Bill Clinton.

MARA LIASSON: Obama is a big question mark. You know, he’s doing very well in the polls. . . . [R]ight now he’s kind of a blank slate, an empty vessel where all sorts of Democrats are pouring their hopes and dreams into. Once — if he can come forward with some very specific policies and really go head-to-head with her, he might give her a real race.

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