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From last night’s Special Report with Brit Hume :

On the Unions

HUME: The new system that the labor unions want and the Democrats are supporting would allow workers to simply sign a card — out in the open, for all anybody knew, if they got enough cards signed, presto, a shop becomes a union shop. . . . The president says — the White House said today the president would veto the bill.

MORT KONDRACKE: Well, I think the president’s right in the debate and the Republicans are right in the debate. I mean, it’s pretty pathetic that the unions and the Democratic Party can only get people to join unions by abandoning one of the prime principles of Democracy, namely, the secret ballot. I mean, they have to have a union steward standing over somebody, which is what’s going to happen and assigning them up on card check system…

You know, and union membership has been dwindling, it’s 7.4 percent of the private sector workforce at the moment. And this is at a time when unions ought to be organizing lots of workers. When wages have been flat for the last five or six years, you know, people are suffering insecurity because of a globalized economy, the unions are clearly doing something wrong and this is not doing something right.

FRED BARNES: [I]t’ll never get out of the Senate. . . . I think the word will be give by Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, Harry Reid, shortly, that you know, we’ve got enough votes to filibuster this, we are going to filibuster it. . . . And this and instance when they’re going to kill this legislation in the Senate.

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