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From last night’s Special Report with Brit Hume:

On the Senate Democrats

HUME: Harry Reid’s favorability rating with the American public is now at 19 percent — that’s the same level as Scooter Libby, and only half that of the none-too-popular Vice President Cheney…

MORT KONDRACKE: In all the polls, the Democratic Congress has the same approval rating as President Bush, which tells you a lot. And what it tells you is that the public wants to get stuff done. They want to get meaningful, important things accomplished, and this Congress is playing politics.

MARA LIASSON: And that number, that approval rating, is 35, which is the same approval rating that the Republican Congress had before voters got rid of them.

FRED BARNES: Harry Reid doesn’t have the same poll rating as President Bush, he is 15 points lower. And the truth is when you see him bumbling through these press conferences, and so on, and he certainly was not heroic on the immigration bill or other things, people look at him and they realize Congress is getting nothing done, and they think one of the reasons is there is a bumbling majority leader.

On the Immigration Bill

BARNES: There is only one person in the entire universe who can bring this bill back, and his name is Harry Reid. It’s not the president, it’s not the Republicans.

Look, Harry Reid knew perfectly well on Thursday, last Thursday that Republicans were about to give him a shortened list of amendments that they would ask for. And now it is going to be ten Republican amendments, ten Democratic amendments. . . .

There was no reason for Harry Reid to shut it down on Thursday. All Republicans had asked is, look, put off the cloture vote until Friday morning. . . .

But here is why Reid is most in trouble. The people who know that he is the one who is responsible here are all the immigrant groups and . . . the Hispanic groups. They hold Harry Reid responsible. They know Bush didn’t write the Bill. He supports it, but had very little to do with it.

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