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Fox News: Pro–Gay Marriage?

Fox News stopped covering marriage victories years ago. I personally noticed it during the November 2009 elections when CNN and MSNBC gave plenty of airtime to the Maine referendum where voters successfully repealed gay marriage — but on Fox? Nothing. Did not exist.

(No, I don’t know why Fox News is so reluctant to provide fair and balanced coverage of a major development on marriage, unless it’s on the pro–gay-marriage side.)

But yesterday, Fox’s big news host Shepard Smith made it clear he’s pro–gay marriage, actually endorsing President Obama’s gay-marriage flip while reporting on it.

The video is up over at HuffPo

He’s entitled to his opinions of course.

Roger Ailes famously said that with Fox News he had discovered an underserved market niche — half the American people. Or 61 percent of North Carolinians apparently.


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