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Father Fidelis Mochinski Does What Good Men Do: Defend Women and Children

Franciscan priest Father Fidelis Mochinski outside Brooklyn’s Planned Parenthood at a monthly Witness for Life. (Photo: Kathryn Jean Lopez)

At one point at the Brooklyn prayer rally that was being protested today, a chant broke out with the f-word about priests. Again, sometimes I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. There was another chant about the Church harassing women. What Father Fidelis in the pro-life movement does is courageous and exhausting, emotionally and in every other kind of way, I have no doubt. He doesn’t get accolades for it — not that he wants them. But he also, I’m also certain, finds himself bewildered with the silence of so many in the Church about the horror of abortion. While people debate Communion and Joe Biden, mothers continue to have abortions by surgery and by pill. Just about everyone in this culture seems to be pressuring them or telling them abortion is just like any other medical procedure and it is the solution to a problem. Thank God Father Fidelis does what he does because he is a voice and an advocate for those faceless unborn. We all have our roles, and not every priest does such a thing, but please pray for every priest who is faithful to what God asks of him.


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