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France Censors Down Syndrome Ad Over Abortion

Conscience is a good thing. It is the path to repentance, forgiveness, and healing.

Take Project Rachel, the compassionate pro-life project that aids women overcome the grief and guilt some experience from having had an abortion. 

But France doesn’t want women to feel badly for having aborted a Down syndrome baby.  Accordingly, it censored an advertisement to air that shows the positive side of parenting a child with Down. From the Wall Street Journal:

Abortion is legal in most of Europe, but its proponents are bent on suppressing efforts to change the minds of mothers considering it.

Witness France’s ban on a television commercial showing happy children with Down Syndrome (DS). Produced to commemorate World Down Syndrome Day, the commercial showed several cheerful children with DS addressing a mother considering abortion. “Dear future mom,” says one, “don’t be afraid.” “Your child will be able to do many things,” says another. “He’ll be able to hug you.” “He’ll be able to run toward you.” “He’ll be able to speak and tell you he loves you.”

France’s High Audiovisual Council removed the commercial from air earlier this year, and in November the Council of State, the country’s highest administrative court, upheld the ban, since the clip could “disturb the conscience” of French women who had aborted DS fetuses.

So much for free speech.

Worse, France is saying saving the lives of these future children is less important than protecting the feelings of those who aborted their babies.

More broadly, it reflects a rampant view that aborting Down babies is the preferred course. Indeed, this censoring is merely a small part of an effort, easily discernible, to see people with Down disappeared from the face of the earth via eugenic abortion.

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