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France & Rwanda

Interesting development:

PARIS (Reuters) – France’s Defense Minister has ordered that 105 secret intelligence reports be handed over to a judge investigating allegations that Paris helped Rwanda’s former Hutu government massacre ethnic Tutsis in a 1994 genocide.

Spokesman Jean-Francois Bureau said on Thursday that Defense Minister Michele Alliot-Marie had taken the decision on Tuesday on the recommendation of a consultative body that reviews requests for the release of secret state papers.

Bureau said he had no details of the precise content of the reports by the DGSE foreign intelligence service, which are to be handed over to investigating magistrate Florence Michon.

In November 2005, France launched an official investigation into complaints by six Rwandan survivors of the massacre who accused France of complicity in crimes against humanity.

An estimated 800,000 people, mainly Tutsis and moderate Hutus, were killed in the 100-day slaughter by Hutu militia.

France sent troops to Rwanda at the height of the genocide under a U.N.-authorised operation, saying it was safeguarding the provision of food and emergency medical services of humanitarian organizations.

France has said tens of thousands of Tutsis were saved in the area where they were sent and a French parliamentary probe in 1998 cleared France of responsibility for the genocide but said “strategic errors” had been made.

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