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Franch Canadians! Smash!

From a reader:

Jonah, *visiting* France / French Canada is wildly different from *working* with them. Spent some vacation time in Paris back in ‘02, and the food & service we had was excellent – they were dying for American tourist dollars (and I’m not one to “hide” my American-ness. At 6′7″, how am I gonna hide *anything*?).

On the other had, my company has an office in Montreal, and those b*stards make our lives difficult on a daily basis. It’d be nice if they’d just be *uncooperative*, but instead they are actively seeking our destruction. With co-workers like these, who needs enemies? It’s like they’re our own little UN security council veto, trying to block us from making a living (or defeating our corporate enemies) every day. Bah!

Wimps? Traitorous feckless crapweasels is more like it.


Big John

San Diego, CA

[feel free to use my name – a hug to Jess & a pet to Cosmo for me!]

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