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Franken Delano Roosevelt

In the Washington Post’s book section yesterday, reviewer Daniel Davidson writes about World War II:

For his part, FDR did his best to convince Hopkins that the danger of a full-scale German invasion of England was imminent, even though British code breakers knew otherwise. Although Meacham does not mention it, British intelligence supplied the Americans with forged documentation of Hitler’s supposed efforts in South America, material that found its way into a presidential speech. British codebreakers read America’s secret codes, at least until Pearl Harbor. In wartime, the traditional mandates of friendship, such as telling the truth, can stop at the water’s edge.

By today’s Democratic standards, that would mean Franklin Roosevelt should be impeached (right, Bob Graham?) and by extrapolation, World War II was not a real military or strategic victory. Hitler was not really an “imminent” threat. It was a “fictitious war,” as Michael Moore would say.

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