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Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Bristol Palin

We (we NR) have a cruiser (a participant in our cruises) who was a clerk to Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. He was also an usher at FDR’s first inauguration (or “inaugural,” as people say incorrectly now). He says that, when the new president appeared on crutches, the crowd gasped.

We wouldn’t want to return to that era, and we never would anyway. But coast-to-coast, front-page dissection of a vice-presidential nominee’s 17-year-old daughter? That is sick — and strictly the result of media bias, friends, don’t make any mistake. Barack Obama is far more interesting than Bristol Palin, especially given Billy Ayers and Tony Rezko. But the facts of those cases are almost secret, compared with the case of this high-school girl who got knocked up, as happens.

Hell . . .


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