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Frasier’s Farewell


Frasier/Cheers expert (see here)Kevin Cherry’s scorecard for last night:

There were really two shows last night. Up until ten minutes left, it was easily an A-, possibly even an A. Although there were too many loose

ends to wrap up in one episode, it did what sitcoms were supposed to do: make you laugh—and with only one sex joke!

However, in the wake of the somewhat schmaltzy ending, I’d probably

knock it down to a B+ overall–much superior to Friends but not on par

with Newhart or Cheers. Had they really thrown us for a twist—Frasier going back to Cheers and Lilith, or Diane, or even ending up with Roz—I would have been much more impressed. But all in all, a classy finale worthy of television’s most honored comedy series.


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