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FRC Shooter Used SPLC ‘Hate Map’ to Target Victims

The FRC shooter pled guilty this week to assault with intent to kill and domestic terrorism, confessing to the FBI that his motivations were political. He bought Chick-fil-A sandwiches to rub on the mouths of the people he intended to kill. He admitted in his guilty plea that he used the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate map” to target his victims, and police said in his pocket was a list of other anti-gay-marriage organizations he planned to attack after FRC. SPLC is refusing to comment on the news, which is a shocking blockbuster that isn’t being covered. Conservatives are being culturally dominated by the Left’s new power to control the messaging. Not much point talking about “rebranding” when the problem is their ability to brand us, whether we like it or not. This is just one symptom of something much bigger.


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