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Fred Thompson, Moving On

Drudge is making a big deal of reports that Fred Thompson’s announcement will include an appearance on Jay Leno.  But judging from the e-mails being sent to supporters, the Thompson announcement extravaganza will be at least as much MoveOn as Hollywood.  After announcing his candidacy on a webcast September 6, Thompson will host “house parties” across the nation in which supporters will be linked via the web.  It’s a technique pioneered by MoveOn and the Dean campaign in 2003-2004, but I think this is the most extensive use of it that we’ve seen from a Republican candidate.  From the Thompson e-mail:

The first step begins September 6. Join us on this journey. Sign up to be a Friend of Fred. Put widgets and buttons on your blogs and MySpace pages. Tell friends and family why you think Fred would be great for America.

Gather with your friends and family at one of the thousands of national house parties for Fred September 6. Together we can show our support for a leader who will help keep America secure, unite us, and keeps us on a path of prosperity.

Byron York — Byron York is is the author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

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